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Mise en Place Leadership Seminar

Industry leaders training industry leaders!

As part of the marketing and expansion program within the hospitality industry, Mise en Place is proud to introduce "The Leadership Seminar" to Curacao. A multi-day seminar in which several hospitality leadership trainings are provided.

The Leadership Seminar program is spread over three days, October 19-21, 2009, and is aimed at hospitality professionals. It is focused on personal growth and provides workable tools for leaders and potential leaders in the industry.

  • Brain Training (Dutch)
  • Time Management (English)
  • Three Dimensional communication (Dutch)
  • Situational Leadership (English)
  • Situational Leadership for teams (English)
  • MindMapping (English)

The Leadership Seminar will be held at the Academy Hotel, Prinsenstraat 80, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles +5999 461-9319.

The Mise en Place Leadership Seminar is serving the world for over 15 years.

Seminar Fee : Only Nafl. 50,- pp per session for CHATA-members and Nafl. 100,- pp per session for other participants.

  • imageCharles van Goch

    Gains his energy from speaking, motivating and inspiring people. Right after graduating at the Hotel Management school in Maastricht in 1994, Charles founded Mise en Place, which is now, active though 34 offices spread over 6 countries. Charles is pure energy and is happy to share this with others. He provides trainings, lectures at Hotel Management Schools and for several organisations. That is his way to de-stress.

  • imageRichard Haeck

    Make it work or make it work better, that is the most important motto for Richard. As a graduate at the Hotel Management school in Maastricht, in 2004 he started Staffable Payroll. Now he works towards helping organizations handle people, instead of people handling leadership. A main mutual factor being: the one who can share can also multiply".

  • Maarten Wesselsimage

    Maarten Wessels graduated from the Hotel Management School in Leeuwarden. Maarten worked at Trainmark, 'the' hospitality training company in The Netherlands. During this period Maarten has gained a lot of experience in providing trainings in the Hospitality and synchronizing operational F&B teams. Maarten is an aspirator in Hospitality, a person that always ensures that participants head out the door with more than they came in with.